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What Simon Said / Dreamworld

a fiction project by Laura Cushing

Dreamword fiction project by Laura Cushing
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What Simon Said / Dreamworld fiction project by author Laura Cushing

Table of Contents

From big hair and big hearts came the band Simon Says, who were at the peek of their popularity in the late eighties. Now, twenty years after that moment, aging former rocker Simon Adair seeks to reunite his band for an anniversary tour. He expects that this will bring him back to fame and fortune - but where it leads is a whole other world of possibilities.

Join Simon, his bassist Gus, new drummer Mitch, merch girl Sarah, and ex-wife Miriam for a musical, magical adventure in What Simon Said.

What Simon Said is being written by Laura Cushing ( charisma) for NaNoWrimo2007 ! Please feel free to join this community (you must be a member to read the friends only posts)and enjoy What Simon Said as it is being written.